sean veira

Sean Veira

Both a legendary fighter and coach, Sean has not only won every major sport martial arts competition but he has also produced a string of exceptional fighters and black Sash students that have followed in his footsteps. He heads up one of the most consistent teams in the UK and is at the core of the World Association of Kickboxing Organization Great Britain coaching team. Sean says “I believe that both my personal success and that of my team of fighters is largely to do with our focus to evolve, adapt and move with the times. I am constantly looking to learn and improve our training methods”.

Sean is a lover of all the arts and associated disciplines. He is a true traditionalist and holds Lau Gar Kung Fu Guardian status with the British Kung Fu Association. He is known worldwide for his fitness and conditioning ethics and has always led his team from the front.

  • 5th Degree Black Sash
  • 3 x World Champion Kickboxing
  • 4 x European Champion Kickboxing
  • 8 x British Champion Kickboxing
Tom Lakos

Tom Lakos

Tom spent two years as a P.E teacher and swimming coach, four years practicing gymnastics and athletics and has over 20 years kickboxing, boxing and Thai Boxing experience.

Tom has a Degree in Physical education and Recreation Diploma in Personal Training, Diploma in Boxing and has a Level 1 qualification in NLP. He is the creator of 4 Core Fitness the medicine ball core stability training system.
ProTom Fitness Personal Training

  • Personal training
  • Core fitness
  • Thai Kickboxing Fitness
  • Elite sport performance coach
  • Martial arts
nathan champ

Nathan Champ

I have gained extensive knowledge and experience having worked as a personal trainer for the last 15 years. In my early 20’s I was Western Counties light heavyweight amateur boxing champion. I have done a number of 10k’s, half marathons, mountain marathons and the Tough Guy where I was placed 19th out of 6000. I directed my focus towards cage fighting having 10 professional fights over three and a half years. In 2013 I won Bristol’s Super Human Games. The last thing I competed in was a Crossfit challenge for charity, 1000 burpees for time in which I came in the top 5, finishing in 1.5 hours.

My years of experience as a personal trainer and sports person will help clients to achieve their goals effectively.

  • Amateur boxer
  • MMA fighter
  • Endurance events